If I miss my bonus for achievements, should I give up?

Missing a bonus for a milestone achievement simply means you may want to pick up the pace. There are still benefits for achieving your milestone.

In sales, a milestone achievement may be selling $50,000.00 in widgets. If the company expects that should be able to accomplish this in 3 months, then that is your target. If you are somehow capable of doing this in 2 1/2 months, then you deserve a bonus for your effort.

So, here's how it works in gameplay.

  • Every achievement you make, your company decides on a series of rewards that are delivered upon its completion.
    • Achievements are typically rewarded with:
      • Coins to spend on digital assets within the ZiZo System.
      • XP or Experience Points which help you level up in rank to gain bigger bonuses.
  • If you complete your achievement ahead of schedule:
    • Your bonus rewards are typically:
      • ZBucks to spend real goods and perks.
      • XP or Additional Experience Points to help you rank up faster.

In conclusion:

Missing your target is simply missing your target. There is no benefit in giving. Study the leaderboard. Work on the KPIs which may be weaker than others and soon you may find yourself at a whole new pace ahead of the pack. 

Keep it fun. Keep it real. Because now, It's Game Time!