I've been a team lead for years. Why am I considered a Rookie in the ZiZo Game?

When a person first logs into the ZiZo application, their level always starts at Rookie level one. This can definitely be to your advantage.

When a person first logs in, the system is set up to default to Rookie level one. If you're a veteran on the job, this can be to your advantage in many ways.

  • You already know what's important to the company.
  • You're skilled at performing your work.
  • You'll be able to climb in rank and level quickly.
  • You'll gain bonuses faster.
  • You'll be able to earn and spend your rewards faster.

A little known perk to being a fast climber is:

  • You will be able to hold company records for climbing fast.
    • Fastest time to rank up.
    • Quickest to lit Legend.
    • You may even be able to create a level on your own!
If you want to get out of your routine a bit, this is also a great way to get back to basics and become better than you could have imagined. Have Fun!