What are Achievements?

Achievements in ZiZo gameplay can be considered as milestones in your career. With 20 achievements per KPI, this can be an easy way to track your progress towards Experience Points, Coins and ZBucks.

Suppose you are in sales. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI), could be how much money you generate in sales over time. That revenue can be celebrated as Achievements or Milestones in your career. The following example shows Green Money or revenue that is collected. If you were to collect $1000.00 in sales, you would be awarded 100 Coins, 10 Experience Points (XP) and 10 ZBucks. 

Your following milestone may be a touch higher, such as:

$3,533.00 in Sales with rewards that equal 200 Coins, 20 XP and 20 ZBucks.  

If you're selling homes, these particular milestones have little relevance. However, they are completely customizable to the industry you are involved in. The reward and bonus structures are also customizable.

Achievements are a great way to show your progress along your career path and help you to target your goals along with the rewards and bonuses you'll receive for achieving them.