What are Experience Points or XP?

As part of the ZiZo rank and level system, Experience Points or XP are awarded to players upon completion of goals and milestone achievements.

When a person starts a brand new position, the expectations placed upon them are relatively low in comparison to someone who has worked that same job for an extended period of time. With proper training and repetition the new hire gains experience and becomes more proficient at their duties. Along with their growing skills also grows the expectations of their ability to achieve.

In ZiZo gamification, the same holds true. Every player enters the system as a Rookie and as they progress, they are awarded Experience Points. While the Experience Points lead to higher and higher expectations, they also lead to greater and greater rewards. 

Here are a few ways a player can gain Experience Points:

  • Completing daily, weekly, monthly goals.
  • Competing in contests and tournaments that target important KPIs.
  • Advancement in Rank and Level.