What are the differences between ZBucks and Coins in ZiZo gameplay?

The two main currencies in ZiZo gaming are Coins and ZBucks. Here are differences between them and two ways you can use them.

Beyond the subtle look and feel of these 2 digital currencies lies some major differences that you'll want to know about.


Coins are the main currency in ZiZo gameplay. While they less value than ZBucks, they have many more uses in gameplay. Here's some of their top uses.

  1. They are used as a buy-in for contests and tournaments.
  2. They are the main payout for tournaments and contests.
  3. They are used as a bonus for contests, tournaments and reaching your weekly and monthly goals.
  4. They can be used to purchase avatar upgrades or digital assets from the Reward Store
The main takeaway is that using this currency is typically limited to assets within ZiZo gameplay.


ZBucks are quite a bit different from coins and you'd like to accumulate as many of these as you can. Here's why:


  1. ZBucks carry much more value than Coins
  2. The can be accumulated from pay-outs of contests and tournaments.
  3. They can also be accumulated as a bonus from contests and tournaments.
  4. The big takeaway: They're used to purchase real merchandise from the Reward Store. This is anything from electronics, to gift cards, to perks. 

So whether you're looking for some time off, a gift card or new AirPod Earbuds, ZBucks are the way to go.

However, you can't get there without using those coins to enter and win contests. Find your favorite strategy and go for it. It's GameTime!