What is the Contest Gauge used for?

The contest gauge is a useful tool to help calculate how high or low you'd like to set KPI expectations in a contest

When creating goal based or collaborative goal based contests in ZiZo Gamification, the goal of the contest is to either motivate and push a player's performance a little harder or it's to help them gain a little confidence with smaller victories to help them get back into flow. All things even, a player's goal is their expectation of performance at the rank and level they are currently at.

As an example, let's hypothetically say that you'd like to run a sales contest for the week and new employees (Rookie Level 1) are expected to sell $100.00 of product a day. Anything above that expectation would be a bonus for the company as well as the employee. If you set a contest goal of $600.00, the contest gauge compares the weekly average of $500.00 to the KPI and registers a percentage above the expected average or 120%.

KPIs data can be compared fractionally to performance as well.

This gauge is showing a selected KPI that is 17.5% above an employee's expected performance.



Now, suppose an employee has been struggling with sales and you would like to help them celebrate some smaller victories to instill confidence. A tab on the Contest Gauge will reveal the Past Performance Gauge. Here the gauge indicates the agent's performance over the past five days and allows you to view their average compared to expectation. With the Past Performance Gauge you can analyze their performance over the past 5 days and select a KPI goal that is more in alignment with their current performance abilities.

While the gauges look similar, they are quite unique in use. At 175.7%, this gauge is showing an employee that has been performing at 75.7% above expectation over the past 5 days on average.



When selecting collaborative goal contests, these gauges can quickly determine past performance activity for all employees participating in the contest and then help you to select a KPI value that is not only in complete alignment with your goals but also with the goals and ability of your team.