What is the difference between a contest and a tournament?

There are a few differences between Contests and Tournaments that you should know about.

Here is a short bullet-list highlighting the differences between a contest and a tournament.


  • Zizo currently has four contests
    • Face-off (1 vs. 1)
    • Multi-player (1 vs. many, many vs. many)
    • Goal (1 vs. goal)
    • Collaborative Goal (many vs. goal)
  • Contests were designed with short to long durations. (Minutes up to 90 working days in length.)
  • Contests typically have only one winner or one winning team.
    • Face-off (1 winner)
    • Multiplayer (1 to 1 winning team)
    • Goal (0 to 1 winner)
    • Collaborative Goal (0 to 1 winning team)
  • Uses one KPI as the main factor to determine a win. (a tie-breaker KPI may also be used)


  • Zizo currently has two active tournaments. (Battle Royale and Single Elimination Bracket Tournaments)
  • Designed for longer durations of gameplay these last between 3 and 90 working days.
  • They can have multiple winners with assignable payout percentages. i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place wins. (up to 5 place settings)
  • They can also use 1 or multiple KPIs to determine a winning goal.
  • These have the ability to handicap all agent's performance or just certain KPIs.
  • They can also use actual performance data or the performance can be assigned to a Point System as a means to accrue winning points.

As you can see, there is some great flexibility in both types of gameplay and we are just scratching the surface. While there are some differences in their approach to gamifying the workplace, the common goals are to inspire performance, incentivize effort, and educate employees along their career path. That's a big ZiZo Win/Win. Now... It's Game Time!