What's the difference between a regular or instant buy-in style when creating a contest?

When creating a contest, the difference between a regular and instant buy-in style has to do with the buy-in options afforded to the selected players.

A contest with a regular buy-in process allows the selected players to decide whether they wish to buy-in and join the contest or decline. This can be based on factors such as:

  • Their coins are running low and they're not not confident with the contest criteria.
  • They want to make a purchase in the reward store instead.
  • They don't like their competition.
  • They aren't confident with the contest Goal or KPI.
  • They are planning to be off work during some or all of the duration of the contest.

These are all valid strategies to consider. An Instant Contest eliminates the player's option to join or decline. This puts them directly into gameplay and forces a buy-in. If a player does not have the resources to participate, the buy-in will not be forced and the player becomes ineligible to take part in the contest.